Citizen Science in supporting long-term
ecological-social monitoring systems

Plenary session1 (day 1):

Changes of biodiversity and its services under climate change and the role of community science

  • Session co-chairs and moderators (Yongyut Trisurat, Hiroyuki Muraoka)


Invited speakers

1)  Dr. Ruey-Shing Lin (Division Chief of Habitats and Ecosystems, Endemic Species Research Institute, Taiwan): Role of citizen science in monitoring biodiversity in Taiwan


2)  Dr. Vijak Chimechome, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Thailand   (Secretary of Hornbill Research Foundation, Thailand): Role of community in long-term hornbill research & conservation in Southeast Asia


Plenary session 2 (day 2):

Panel discussion on Connection, co-design, and implementation of community LTER science


            Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Muraoka, Chair of ILTER-EAP and Co-chair of APBON

            Dr. Mundita S. Lim, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)

            Prof. Glenda Wardle from the University of Sydney


Sub-themes (parallel sessions)

Biogeochemical and eco-hydrological dynamics of ecosystems in changing environments

  • Session co-chairs (Hideaki Shibata, Victor Amoroso)


Urban ecological science and community science

  • Session co-chairs (Chiao-Ping Wang, Nguyễn Hồng Quân) 


Long-term ecosystem monitoring, experiment and research: best practices and perspectives

  • Session co-chairs (Yu Xiubo, Ohseok Kwon)


Toward establishment of Asia-Pacific eDNA monitoring network

  • Session co-chairs (Tanaka Kenta, Michio Kondoh)


Note: These sub-themes include topics of LTER science, ideas on ecosystem research infrastructures, biodiversity database management, new technologies in ecological research, cooperation with citizen science, engagement of stakeholders, emerging research ideas for regional-scale LTER science.