Community Science in supporting long-term ecological-social 
monitoring systems

Sub-themes: (parallel sessions)

Changes of biodiversity and its services under climate, land use and societal changes

  • Session co-chairs (Yongyut Trisurat, Hiroyuki Muraoka)

 Biochemical and eco-hydrological dynamics of ecosystems in changing environments

  • Session co-chairs (Hide Shibata)

 Navigating ecological understanding to society by community science

  • Session co-chairs (Beryl Morris, Victor Amoroso)

 Ecological informatics

  • Session co-chairs (Omarali B. Abdul Rahim, Siddeswara Guru) 

 Urban ecological science

  • Session co-chairs (Chiao-Ping Wang) 

Toward establishment of Asia-Pacific eDNA monitoring network

  • Session co-chairs (TANAKA Kenta, KONDOH Michio)

Long-term ecosystem monitoring, experiment and research: best practices and perspectives

  • Session co-chairs (Yu Xiubo, Ohseok Kwon)


Note: These sub-themes include topics of LTER science, ideas on ecosystem research infrastructures, new technologies in ecological research, cooperation with citizen science, engagement of stakeholders, emerging research ideas for regional-scale LTER science.


Plenary (wrap up) session after the parallel sessions:

  1. Development of integrated research projects along climatic gradients in EAP region

  2. Connection, co-design, and implementation of community LTER science



1) Prof. Dr.  Hiroyuki Muraoka ( River Basin Research Center, Gifu University, Japan and Chair of ILTER-EAP): Role of ILTER-EAP in local - regional - global perspective on biodiversity and ecosystem observations 

2) Dr. Ruey-Shing Lin (Division Chief of Habitats and Ecosystems, Endemic Species Research Institute, Taiwan): Role of citizen science in monitoring biodiversity in Taiwan  

3) Dr. Vijak Chimechome, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Thailand   (Secretary of Hornbill Research Foundation, Thailand): Role of community in long-term hornbill research & conservation in SEA  

4) Dr. Mundita S. Lim, Executive Director, ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB): Long Term ecological-biodiversity monitoring system in South East Asia.