Since 2005 the EAP-ILTER has set up an information management training tradition to help scientists to management and share research data. The first workshop was hosted by CERN in Beijing, China. Since then, there were already 6 workshops hosted by TERN (Taiwan) , KLTER (Korea), PhLTER (Philippines), and LTER Vietnam (Vietnam).The past workshops have helped the regional scientists to uncover data-driven solutions faster.


This workshop, “Biodiversity Data Management and Data Visualization via Web-based GIS”,  provides tools specifically created to meet modern demands for collaborative LTER science. The training program will also help create a positive open culture to enable better LTER science in less time. It is scheduled on 6-7 September 2019 conducted by Dr. Chau Chin Lin (President of Society of Subtropical Ecosystem in Taiwan), Omarali B. Abdul Rahim Chair, IM Committee) and IM experts in the EAP region.  See details in the 7th IM Workshop Announcement,


The estimated number of participants is 100 persons for the conference and 40 persons for the 7th IM Workshop from overseas (e.g., ILTER Network members, ASEAN, EU and USA).