ILTER-EAP organizes its biannual regional conference to share new information and knowledge in various ecosystems in the EAP region, as well as to discuss further research collaboration among the member networks and participating researchers. At the last ILTER-EAP Coordination Committee meeting held in Taiwan, October 2018, the Committee decided to hold the 13th Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2021.  However, many countries in the region cannot contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the Executive Committee decided to organize a 2-day online conference on 8-9 September 2021 with parallel sessions.

The 13th VIRTUAL ILTER-EAP Conference aims to: 

˗ Create a platform for the scientists in- and outside ILTER-EAP to present their research progresses, findings and innovative ideas

˗ Provide a forum for the exchange of views, dissemination of ideas and the development of possible future collaborations between the local and international scientists and practitioners

˗ Promote long-term ecological and social research and sustainable natural resources management in East Asia-Pacific region.